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Conscious Discipline Webinar Series:
Becoming the Best You Can Be

Increase your emotional quotient with the complete Seven Powers of Conscious Discipline Webinar Series, now available to watch online! Experience this amazing personal and professional development tool with Dr. Becky Bailey for free!

The Seven Powers of Conscious Discipline Webinar Series provides the foundation to transform your life and the lives of the children in your care. The seven powers help you stay in the higher, thinking centers of your brain so you can respond instead of react to discipline situations.

Watch this delightful and informative series to begin your Conscious Discipline journey or reaffirm the powers you are already practicing... and then share it with a friend!


1: Power of Perception

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2: Power of Unity

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3: Power of Attention

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4: Power of Free Will

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5: Power of Love

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6: Power of Acceptance

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7: Power of Intention

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