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Make a lasting impact with one of our seasoned professionals! Conscious Discipline endorses two classes of trainers to help you in your journey. Our Master Instructors are national-level speakers guaranteed by and booked through the Conscious Discipline office. Our Certified Instructors are regionally-based speakers who we certify to provide Conscious Discipline training and coaching. Learn about all of our highly-trained speakers below:


Master Instructors (CDMIs)
Our nationally-acclaimed Associates are hand-selected and mentored by Dr. Becky Bailey to deliver the most exciting, effective and transformational training experiences in the field of education today.

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Certified Instructors (CDCIs)
Our Certified Instructors are exceptionally talented regionally-based professionals who work closely at a community, state and national level to help clients succeed with Conscious Discipline implementation.

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Becoming Certified
Learn how to join our family of trainers.

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