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Vicky Hepler
Orlando, FL • LGA since 2002
Vicky Hepler, Educational Consultant
Specialties: Pre-K - K Keynotes, Coaching, Workshops, Literacy

For over 37 years, Vicky has been an early childhood educator teaching Pre-K, Kindergarten, First Grade and self-contained Special Needs for children with Autism. This along with her position as a resource teacher for Orange County Public Schools in Orlando, Florida enable her to understand what educators deal with day in and day out. Her classroom is a nationwide model for Conscious Discipline implementation and has been featured in professional development videos.  In addition to being a contributing author to Dr. Becky Bailey’s book, “Creating the School Family,” Vicky is the creator of the “I Love You Rituals Literacy Packs” designed to strengthen those connections vital for optimal brain development while supporting language and literacy instruction.  Vicky graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education.

Vicky offers Conscious Discipline training and coaching for educators of children from birth through 5th grade.  She encourages and inspires teachers on their Conscious Discipline journey with her many classroom stories and tips for practical application. Her mission is to bring joy and enthusiasm to every child, every teacher, and every classroom.


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