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Amy Speidel
Willoughby, OH • LGA since 2007
Specialties: Parents (of all age kids), Foster Families, Pre-K Teachers

Amy Speidel comes to you as a national presenter with Loving Guidance, Inc. She is also a certified Parent Coach, working with families within a pediatric practice. Amy first used Conscious Discipline as a teacher, and witnessed a transformation in her students. She now aspires to support all adults who come in contact with children by sharing Conscious Discipline® with them through practical, user friendly seminars and workshops.

Amy brings a humorous and insightful perspective to her presentations by sharing many personal insights about the challenges and delights of children. Having been a foster parent, a birth parent and an adoptive parent, Amy knows the beauty and mess of the journey with children.  As a presenter, she offers a meaningful perspective of how the skills and strategies of Conscious Discipline® can support you every step of the way.

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