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Diane Phelan
Pasadena , TX

Diane Phelan has a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies and a Masters in Educational Administration. Diane has been in education for twenty years. She spent nine years as a teacher in an elementary school working with children in kindergarten through fifth grade. She worked as an assistant principal for four years at a Fifth Grade Center where she worked with over 800 Fifth graders. She currently is the principal at Keller Middle School in Pasadena, Texas, right outside of Houston. Keller Middle School is a transformational campus in Pasadena. Diane and team have worked with Keller staff and others in Pasadena on Conscious Discipline and school-wide implementation. Keller Middle School is committed to Conscious Discipline. Diane and team have trained staff, students and parents. Diane enjoys using CD structures at church in the youth department. Her 14 year old daughter and husband have been helpful in implementing ideas at home as well.

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