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Advanced Institute (CD2)

Each year a small group of Summer Institute graduates gather to dig deeply into the structures, skills and powers of Conscious Discipline in an intimate setting with Dr. Bailey.

Before attending the Conscious Discipline Advanced Institute (CD2), check to see if you are ready to maximize your experience:

  • I have attended the Conscious Discipline Institute (CD1) and practiced Conscious Discipline for at least 18 months.
  • I have implemented all Conscious Discipline structures in my school, classroom, agency and/or home.
  • I have created a consistent, predictable environment, including utilizing visual routines for social expectations.
  • I am comfortable using the language of Conscious Discipline.
  • I have applied the Seven Powers for Conscious Adults to my personal life and have felt shifts in my perceptions, my capability when handling conflict and my ability to manage my own inner states.

If you have answered "yes" to all of the statements above, you are ready for CD2! See you there.

Workshop Requirements

  • Prior to the workshop, attendees must provide a current photo of themselves and a baby/infant photo (both 4x6) for our Friends & Family Board which is prepared prior to the workshop.
  • Attendees will be required to give a 10-minute formal presentation about his/her application of the information obtained at the Conscious Discipline Summer Institute (CD1).
  • Each attendee will give a follow-up poster session. Poster sessions are essentially a 'show and tell' experience.
  • Attendees will leave a 'contribution' from their poster display with Dr. Becky Bailey to be shared at future events.
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