I Love You Rituals
I Love You Rituals

I Love You Rituals

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Create connections with 75+ activities designed to strengthen adult-child relationships. These rituals increase attention span, decrease power struggles, and promote language and literacy whether in school or at home. I Love You Rituals build positive, lifelong bonds between adults and children.
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A wonderful woman who lived in a shoe,
She had so many children she knew exactly what to do.
She held them. She rocked them, and tucked them in bed.
"I love you, I love you" is what she said.

79 interactive activities based on positive messages, like the one above, are provided in this delightful educational book. Each interaction is based on the latest in brain research. All activities help children increase their attention spans, reduce hyperactivity, build self esteem, and facilitate language development. The interactions teach children how to be kind and caring using gentle touches. Use these with your demanding, aggressive children and watch cooperation replace opposition.

  • 1999 Parent's Guide Children's Media Award
  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
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"This book has most influence my life as a parent. We use "I Love You Rituals" anywhere, any time of day. They have helped me bond closer with all four of my children and make me an isntant hit when I help care for other people's children. Kids love these rituals. It's easy to learn one or two a week. I highly recommend this book!"

Nancy Lucas on 1/2/2013 3:38:37 PM

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