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Putting Myself Together

Everyone falls apart sometimes. Help children put themselves back together with this reproducible template for a class-made book.

Read Shubert is a S.T.A.R. in advance of creating your book. Practice the S.T.A.R., Drain, Balloon, and Pretzel active calming techniques. Review your Safe Place Agreements and how to use the Safe Place. Lead a discussion about the many helpful ways children can regain their calm after an upset. Record children’s answers on chart paper, encouraging diversity in their responses. The Brain Smart Choice Cubes can help with calming additional ideas.

Once you’ve thoroughly explored ways to calm down, print an activity page for each child. Help children write about ways they can put themselves together. Then instruct them to draw about the process of calming down and putting themselves back together. Complete your own activity page and share it with the class as an example.

Print out the cover page and bind the competed activity pages into a class-made book. Encourage children to read the book in the Safe Place and send the book home for children to share with their families.

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Putting Myself Together

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