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Printable Posters, Tools & Activities

Put some pizzazz into your lessons with these fun, free tools that support Conscious Discipline.

Commitments Check-up
Help children make commitments, follow through and check in on their success with the Commitment Check-up visual aid.

Four Elements of Connection
Ensure you provide every child with the brain-building connection needed for optimal development by reviewing this helpful guide.

Five Steps to Baby Doll Circle Time
Baby Doll Circle Time helps caregivers provide one-on-one connections with every child in their care. Review the five steps with this helpful aid.

Story Hand
The Story Hand is a powerful tool for connecting with children in a way that helps them manage stress and anxiety.

Classroom Behavior Chart
The Classroom Behavior Chart in a School Family encourages lasting behavioral change by helping children choose acceptable behaviors instead of relying on a progression of prescribed consequences.

Traditional Discipline vs Conscious Discipline Poster
Post and share this visual reminder of the difference between consequences in Traditional Discipline vs Conscious DIscipline.

Safe Place Breathing Icons
Teach children the most basic skill they need to handle any difficult emotion or situation with these four active calming icons.

How Do You Feel Chart
Help children identify their feelings so they can begin to use the important messages they carry.

Putting Myself Together Class-Made Book
Create a class-made book that helps children explore ways to regain calm after an upset.

Bug Crazy Class-Made Book
Extend students' understanding of Shubert Rants and Raves with this class-made book that invites children to write about feeling "bug crazy" and regaining composure.

Safe Place Sensory Integration Signs
Learn helpful ways to equip your Safe Place with these handy sensory and special needs charts.

Feeling Faces: Happy, Sad, Angry, Scared
Create a variety of activities with the four core feelings of happy, scared, angry and sad using these letter-sized feeling face printouts.

Five Steps to Self-Regulation Icons
Transform your home and school by teaching children the five-step self-regulation process and using these icons as visual reminders.

Breathing Star
Invite children to "Breathe with me..." and practice the S.T.A.R. active calming technique with this easy to make tool.

I Love You Rituals Teddy Bear Activity Board
Create an “I Love You Rituals” Teddy Bear Activity Board with twelve ritual choices to connect with your children and help them develop decision-making skills.

Shubert's Heart-Shaped Glasses
Create heart-shaped glasses to help children practice positive intent (seeing the best in others) as they read Shubert Sees the Best.

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