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What is your copyright policy?

Paid Presentations

It is illegal to charge a fee for a presentation unless you become a Certified Instructor.

You may contact for information about becoming certified.

Free Presentations

It is illegal to charge a fee for a presentation unless you are a Certified Instructor.

You may conduct a free presentation if you follow all four of these points:

    1. Your presentation is absolutely free of charge.
    2. You refer often to the source of your information (Conscious Discipline Summer Institute, Managing Emotional Mayhem, etc.).
    3. You use our designated terms (Safe Place, School Family, etc.).
    4. You print the following on every slide: Adapted from 800-842-2846.

Printed Materials

You may not print more than three pages of content for sharing or any other purpose.

You may print up to three pages of content to share if you include the following on every page: Concepts adapted from Conscious Discipline by Dr. Becky Bailey. 800-842-2846

Digital Media

It is illegal to refer to our content without attributing it.

You may blog about us, review books/products and write articles as long as you attribute the source of your information by saying things like “In Managing Emotional Mayhem, I learned…” or “When I began using Dr. Becky Bailey’s Safe Place…” or “Dr. Becky Bailey teaches that…” and including our website

It is illegal to copy our content and make it available on your website, blog, etc.

You may link to our website and YouTube videos: instead.

It is illegal to duplicate or broadcast our handouts, books, CDs, DVDs or CDroms.

You may inquire about volume discounts and digital licensing by emailing

When Conscious Discipline or any concept developed by Dr. Becky Bailey is your source of information for a handout, presentation, slide or other material, you are legally obligated to provide credit. Questions? Email

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