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Conscious Discipline has been featured in magazines and newspapers around the globe, from Australia to Oklahoma and everywhere in between.

Enjoy this sampling of featured articles, and write your local newspaper or magazine to tell them you want them to cover Conscious Discipline in your community!

Are you a member of the press or an established freelance author? Introduce yourself to us and request a press kit.

Conscious Discipline creator sees philosophy in action
Creator of Conscious Discipline pays first visit to South MS school
Teachers learn why students do what they do
Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor Wins Kennedy Center Honor
Region 7 Uses Conscious Discipline to Teach Anti-Bullying
CBS 4: Parenting Classes Teach Mom How To Keep Her
WebMD: Why Kids Whine and How To Stop
WebMD: Gentle Discipline
Better Homes and Gardens: 7 Secrets of Successful Discipline
Scholastic Parent & Child: Kindness Counts
Parent Map: Alternatives in
Your Teen: Interview with Dr. Becky Bailey
BAM Radio: Developmentally Appropriate
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