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How Does Conscious Discipline Compare?

Other Programs =
External Control Focus

Conscious Discipline =
Self-Regulation Focus

  • Other control
  • Competitive culture, classrooms and systems
  • Unlimited power in the hands of one or in the hands of few
  • Compliance
  • Lower brain functioning
  • Make-me and please-me language
  • External reinforcements What do I get from this?
  • Creates co-dependency

What We Have in Common

  • Consistent
  • Predictable
  • Clear expectations of behavior
  • Schoolwide routines
  • Self-control
  • Compassionate culture
  • School Family™
  • Self govern
  • Shared power
  • Wisdom
  • Higher brain functioning
  • Internal motivation
  • Helpful
  • Being of service to others
  • Creates interdependency

Ten Reasons to Change

  Conscious Discipline Traditional Reward/Punishment 
Conflict Learning opportunity to be utilized for growth Disruption to eliminate
Power Derived from self-control and connection Derived from coercion, manipulation and fear 
World View Empowerment Victimhood, entitlement 
Feeling State Feels a full range of feelings Feels frustration and hopelessness
Work Habits Continually improve, passion remains intact Spiral downward, passion fades 
Curriculum Creative, whole child,
child-centered, critical thinking, curriculum widens
test-centered, curriculum narrows 
Impulse Control, Social Skills, Character Improves with time and opportunity Stays the same or worsens over time 
Relationship with School & Colleagues Improves, becomes more inclusive and authentic Cliques form, judgement prevails and sabotage runs rampant 
Home Life Improves with new skills    learned at school Bears the stress of job frustration 
Inner World Feels competent and sees self as enough to handle whatever happens  Feels phony, incompetent, unworthy and tries to cover
his/her tracks 
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