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School Family: The Story of
Fern Creek Elementary

“Most people want to change, they just don’t know how.”
- Dr. Becky Bailey

Fern Creek Elementary was a “D” School plagued by difficult behavior, and struggling with a student population that is more than 80% in poverty and 20% homeless. In seeking a better way to manage their classrooms, Fern Creek turned to a social-emotional classroom management program called Conscious Discipline.

Watch Fern Creek’s inspirational transformation from a place of fear, bullying and academic struggles to one of safety, connection and measureable academic progress. Join in Fern Creek’s success as they change their classrooms and change their lives.

This story shows the incredible power of Conscious Discipline through the faces of real teachers and real students. Principal Whitney said, “Fern Creek was a tough school. I believe the main reason students did better academically was because we used Conscious Discipline’s social-emotional strategies throughout the school to help the students feel safe…Any school can do what we did, and we hope others will find hope in our success.”

Begin your own school-wide transformation by implementing Conscious Discipline in your school today.

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