Enhances Parenting Effectiveness

Instructors in Mesa, Arizona used the Conscious Discipline-based Ten Steps to Positive Discipline Presenters Series to conduct a five-week training program for parents.

Instructors supplemented the manual with the award-winning audiotape Ten Principles of Positive Discipline and the Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline book. Parents completed a 78-question Parent-Child Relationship Inventory (PCRI) before and after the class. The PCRI is a self-report questionnaire that measures parenting behaviors and dispositions on seven sub-scales. Results indicate that Conscious Discipline is significantly effective in improving parent-child relationships on the following five scales.

  • Limit Setting Scale: Measures a parent’s effectiveness in establishing firm, fair limits. Conscious Discipline significantly increases parents’ ability to set limits, follow through and provide positive guidance strategies.
  • Communication Scale: Assesses a parent’s perception of how effectively he or she communicates with a child. In measuring the ability to talk with children, the scale also reflects parents’ empathy. Conscious Discipline significantly increases the parent’s ability to see from the child’s point of view and improves communication.
  • Satisfaction with Parenting: Measures the amount of pleasure and fulfillment an individual derives from being a parent. Conscious Discipline significantly improves parents’ satisfaction with parenting.
  • Involvement Scale: Examines the level of a parent’s interaction with the child, the time spent with the child and knowledge of the child’s interests. Conscious Discipline significantly increases parents’ involvement with children at home, at school and with their interests.
  • Parental Support Scale: Assesses the level of emotional and social support a parent receives. Conscious Discipline significantly helps parents support each other and/or create parent support systems.
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